Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care Dhaka can provide Nursing Care services, whether your require nurse supervision or regular nursing procedures. Dealing with health concerns long-term demands collaboration with people who will be committed and focused on each and every one of your concerns will be understanding of any pain you might be experiencing and will always try to ease any pressures or fears you may have through the treatment of your illness. ShebaAgency nurses will take the time to work with you on addressing all of these concerns within your Home Care and will give you information and explanations concerning procedures in a respectful way.

Nursing Home Care Dhaka nurses have current registrations up-to-date skills and are fully bonded and insured. Our nurses are carefully chosen for their, kind demeanor, compassionate nature and endless desire to make a meaningful difference in helping to improve your quality of life. These nurses will uphold constant attentiveness and will communicate effectively with your other Home Health Care providers and professionals as necessary.

Nursing Home Care Dhaka are devoted to working alongside you through difficult times and will always work towards bringing you and your family a greater sense of calm by providing compassionate and experienced nurses equipped to manage your Home Health Care.

Our Nursing Care Services include

Medication administration




Vital Signs Monitoring

Wound Care and Dressings

Catheter Care

Palliative Care Services

Foot Care Services also Available

Rehabilitative care services might include

Post-Hospital Stroke

Heart or Orthopedic Care or Various Types of Therapy

Including Respiratory


Occupational or Speech Therapy

Our commitment is to deliver innovative customer focused Home Care in a setting that is right for you. We can provide what you need today and the security of knowing that there are options for tomorrow.