2 Chaker Hospital Bed

2 Chaker Hospital Bed

Applications   hospital

Operation    manual

Features    height-adjustable

Other characteristics  on casters

Number of sections    2-section

Manually-regulated hospital bed This universal bed is suitable to all wards and units and is adapted to all kinds of hospital rooms with various types of equipment. It is perfect for older patients, those with limited mobility and those requiring constant care. Solid 2 is the most popular manually-regulated bed in the world with a simple and reliable structure. Solid 2 is equipped with many solutions that ensure the patient’s maximum comfort and provide assistance to the hospital staff. It is identical to model Novo in looks both can be used in the same room providing different functions, yet similar style of furnishings. Optional: Height regulated using a screw mechanism. Bed tray used for eating or feeding. Foam mattress (fit to the bed size). Manually-regulated hospital bed wyposażenie: Simple and durable screw mechanism used to lift back segments allows the career to lift the patient to a sitting position without much effort. Removable ABS plastic headboard can be removed without the use of tools; enables easy cleanup. Ends of the bed are protected from accidental unfastening (e.g. during transport). Side rails are easily single-handedly folded or unfolded along the side of the bed; they are adapted to holding a bed tray or feeding the patient. Bed platform filled with steel panels. Height regulation allows patients of smaller stature or older ones to climb in or out. A permanently attached shelf that can hold bedding or the patient’s personal belongings. Cases attached to four corners of the bed allow the installation of lifting frames or grab handles depending on the patient’s individual needs. Hooks for urine bags. Length: 212 cm Width: 95 cm

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