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Physio Care At Home

Physiotherapy could be a Home Health Care profession involved with human perform and movement. It uses physical approaches to push, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social Eudemonia.

Physiotherapists area unit movement consultants in treating pain and dysfunction from childhood to the later ages of life. Physiotherapists use exercise advance manual medical In Home Care and rehabilitation approaches physical and electrical modalities as In Home Care ways.

physical therapy helps to revive movement and performance to as traditional as doable once somebody is plagued by injury unhealthiness or by development or alternative incapacity.

Sheba Agency helps seniors stay within the comfort of home and brings physical therapy and treatment on to you!

Did you recognize that physical therapy plays a crucial role within the lives of seniors serving to those pass though a Hospital keep a fall or the other Home Health Care issue in serving to you to revive your strength and come back to your traditional well-being.

Our skilled physiotherapists offer In Home Care physical therapy Nursing Services in Dhaka City, Bangladesh.

Call today and one of our Physiotherapists will conduct an full assessment and supply you with a treatment set up tailor-made to fulfill your desires within the comfort of your Home Care.

Sheba Agency we have a tendency to believe that it’s Your In Health Care, Your selection and Your In Home Care!

Extended Coverage:

Health insurance plans
Motor vehicle accident
Workers’ compensation

Highly trained professionals provide:

Morning Care and Bedtime Care
Physiotherapy & Active Rehab
Hand Therapy
Acupuncture Therapy
Functional Abilities Evaluations
Treatment for Fractures
Total Joint Replacement
Neurological Impairment
Hip & Knee Saver Program
Vestibular Rehabilitation
All Nursing Home Care treatments provided are safe & effective natural therapy eliminating pain & restoring normal function!
Contact us today for a Free In Home Care Consultation or to find out more about your Home Nursing Care options in Sheba Agency Dhaka Bangladesh. We’re here to help!