Our ambulance services is 24*7 hours. Any time any where we go to your door or hospital with modern and latest facilities ambulances. Don’t worry about prices or rent fare. We will keep lower rent and lower others costs. We have no hidden charges.
All ambulance are tip top and new conditions.
We know that The Dhaka City fulfilled by Jam. But our expert city drivers know how to save time which is valuable for the home patient care. From any Hospital and from any in home care you can call to us any time.  An ambulance is vehicles for the transport of sick or injured persons to, from or between places of treatment.
An ambulance Service term usually used to refer to a vehicle used to provide patients. In some cases, the purpose of the Ambulance Services is only designed to take place the home patient care but not intended to take him to a center sanitarium.In these situations, A patient who requires a transfer to a hospital, an ambulance need dedicated solely to patient transfer.
The word is commonly associated with vehicles prepared for emergencies, providing emergency home care to sick or injured. The vehicles that serve as ambulance usually have warning lights and sirens, which allow easy handling and identification.
Ambulances can be classified into certain types, depending on whether or not carrying patients, and under the conditions. In some cases, ambulances can perform more than one function, such as emergency transport and Home Patient Care.
We have Emergency Ambulance Services : the most common of all the ambulances, which provides emergency care to sick or injured home patient care.